Anthony Vallée-­Dubois
B.Eng. - Software Engineering
Fluent in English, French


Senior Software Developer - Chrome
2015 - present
Individual contributor and Technical Lead on several Chrome Browser projects
Chrome Resource Management - Individual Contributor
  • Designed, implemented, and shipped the non-UI components of Chrome's Memory and Battery Saver Modes
  • Implemented and measured power related optimizations
  • Designed and implemented internal tooling to generate aggregated views of in-the-wild performance data, leading to identification of several regressions and potential optimization opportunities
Browser Enterprise - Individual Contributor
  • Designed and implemented a mechanism for IT admins to send remote commands to managed Chrome instances
  • Designed and implemented a mechanism to push policy update notifications, reducing the delay between policies being configured and applied by an order of magnitude while cutting the amount of requests by a factor of 8
  • Designed and implemented web APIs to enable context-aware access extensions
Language & Translate - Technical Lead
  • Designed and implemented several Emerging Market-specific improvements to the page translation feature, leading to 6x increased usage in India
  • Oversaw the creation of a revamped User Experience for the page translation feature on desktop platforms
Web Payments - Individual Contributor
  • Designed and implemented the user visible parts of the PaymentRequest and PaymentHandler specifications for desktop platforms
  • Represented Google on the W3C's Payments Working Group
Sign In & Identity - Technical Lead
  • Lead efforts to improve profile management and Sign In functionality in Chrome
  • Implemented Chrome functionality and represented user interests in the rollout of Google's Web & Apps Activity settings, a very privacy-sensitive launch

Open Source

Chromium contributions
libclsph - co-author
OpenCL based, GPU accelerated, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics fluid simulation library
Hobby projects
Gameboy emulator written in Rust:
GPU-accelerated pathtracing renderer:
macOS XBox One controller driver:


Software Development Engineer - Xbox Shell Social
Core Developer - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Eidos Montréal (Square Enix)
3ds Max Developer
Autodesk, Media and Entertainment
Custom Solutions Developer